Headed home

We are currently taxiing to the runway- the last few moments with feet on the ground in India - and I am overcome with gratitude.

Grateful that God would lead us to such a beautifully long, painful, exhilarating, undeserved calling!

When I think of the weight of the privilege that is ours, I am reduced to tears!

I'm sitting next to my two girls: one birthed in my body, and the other in my heart, and I'm bursting with emotion. So very grateful for my life. My family. My amazingly great, faithful, loving God!

All of this is FOR Him! He owes us nothing-- he's already given us the gift of a relationship with Him, through Jesus! He doesn't owe us a thing, yet He's blessed us with more than our hearts can hold- they are literally overflowing with love!

We have had a life changing 12 days since we left Philadelphia. We can see glimpses of the life change already. But I know that the real life change for all of us has only just begun.

I am listening to my worship playlist and I honestly can't keep it together,

"My God how great you are, How great, how great you are.

The heavens are telling, telling the earth how great you are,

We are responding to your love"

"Great" doesn't even begin to describe the vastness of our God and how palpable His greatness and His Love have been these past 12 days.

I've never felt so in the center of God's will than I feel right now.

We've read of His great love. We've seen it. We've experienced it and felt it. Now, we are simply responding!

Every fiber of my being is so overwhelmed by His greatness and love. How can we NOT respond?!

We've had so many people, both at home and abroad, praise us for what we are doing. Some people think we are crazy, or naive, or just plain dumb. They can't understand what would prompt us to do such a thing- to welcome a child with special needs into a family who seemingly already has it all -one who doesn't necessarily "need" another child by the world's standards.

There will always be critics and we are okay with that. We won't spend too much time (or any, really) worrying about that.

While we are grateful for those that have complimented us (we know that it comes from a place of admiration) but we cannot take credit for even an ounce of it. Words often fail me, so when given a compliment, I simply respond with, "we are undeservedly blessed!"

However, when given the opportunity to share further, I love telling others the story that has landed us here. It's got God's handprint, and His alone, all over it!

I wish there was a simple way for me to adequately communicate that there is truly NOTHING (not one thing!) great or extraordinary about our family. The only extraordinary thing about this whole beautiful story is that God would somehow, in His amazing grace, entrust us with such a gift! It truly boggles my mind.

We have experienced the true gift of Adoption! It is a beautiful thing!

I'm fully aware that there will be hard days ahead. Adoption- while beautiful- is birthed out of such trauma, loss, and pain. But somehow, because God loves each and every child of His, our amazing God can take something so broken and turn it into a thing of great beauty.

That's redemption. That's the story of us, of Jesus!

Hard days are ahead, but so is God's presence and His peace. He will strengthen us when we are weak, and give us what we need for the days ahead. We're believing that!

God gains nothing by adopting us into His family. He doesn't need us. But He WANTS us. And He's gone to the ends of the earth to ensure that we are His! He certainly won't let us go!

We are the Redeemed. But to get the privilege of living out a taste of the other side of redemption is nothing short of humbling. Miraculous.

Thank you for joining us in this great adventure! I'm certain this is just the start of it, and we will try, to the best of our ability, to faithfully continue following God's lead.

We pray that God would lead us to a place where our trust is without borders; where our faith grows deeper and wider, and maybe where we do "not normal" (read: extraordinary) things again!

It would bring us no greater joy than for our family and friends, those of you who may not have experienced God's greatness- his very real and life-changing love, to have an encounter with Him. He is intimate, he is so tender, and His love for you is like nothing you've experienced before. It will change you beyond your wildest dreams- in all the very best ways.

Your story will be different than ours, for sure, but I can assure you that it will be breathtakingly good and SO VERY full of Him!

We are living proof. We have a long way to go- FOR SURE, and we fail more times than we succeed, but there's nowhere else we'd rather be than to be entrusted TO Him and FOR Him.

Jesus' love is extravagant, and it calls for an extra-ordinary response. We pray that God would give us the courage and the faith to continue responding to his extraordinary love!

We are undeservedly blessed!