about a girl.


What if I told you this wasn't impossible.


God planted the seed of adoption in our hearts long ago. The desire for adoption goes back before Michelle can remember, and was a topic that we discussed during our pre-marital preparation. At the time, Scott was agreeable, but being in our early 20s - the reality of starting a family and adding to our family through adoption was a far-off concept.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible
— Walt Disney

A shirt for Hope.


We have some answers

Many people have asked about our motivation to adopt, and questioned the specifics related to where, why, and how.

Do for one what you wish you could do for many.
— Andy Stanley

We're in it together. To get her.


We think that everyone can take part in caring for orphans. As Christians, the care of orphans is a step of obedience, but each person’s response is personal…and different.

We are trusting God and working hard to provide the necessary finances to bring our daughter home.  We’ve made adjustments to our budget, taken on additional work professionally, and we are prepared to use our skills and talents to cover our extensive adoption costs (check out our awesome tee shirts!)

We’d like to extend the invitation to family and friends (and their networks) to partner with us to bring our daughter home.  From following our adoption journey on our blog, to committing to pray, to helping financially - we’d like to invite you into the story that God is writing for Hope and others waiting for a forever family.

Perhaps you’d consider your part in this story?

We're asking you to join us. All donations and proceeds from clothing sales will go directly toward the adoption and associated travel costs.

Donate to Together Hope

A transaction fee of 2.9% + $.30 per donation is included. If you would feel more comfortable donating via check or otherwise, please contact us at thewellivers@gmail.com.


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